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Pittsbugh Welcomes TDKR with (What Else?) The Bat Signal.

This is so cool! Reminds me of my Midwest upbringing to hear about The Burgh reaching out and welcoming the cast and crew of TDKR with this awesome Bat-Signal projected on the side of downtown’s Highmark Building.

See it all for yourself on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s blog here.

Tom Hardy’s Transformation into Hardbodied Bane

The good folks over at TomHardyParty.com (how hilariously awesome is that domain?) have a cool but brief post about Hardy’s change from actor-fit to bodybuilder-muscly.

Get the deets here.

Pittsburgh Film Office Seeks Production Assistants for TDKR

Didn’t get into that coveted reservation list? Worried you’ll miss your chance to be a part of The Dark Knight Rises? Interested in getting experience in what it’s like to work on a huge Hollywood production?

Look no further. Read all about how to be a PA for TDKR here.

Aziz Ansari’s Dark Knight Rises Joke Causes Panic at ComicCon

Aziz Ansari of Parks and Rec fame threw the audience for a loop with his Dark Knight Rises trailer jest. 

Check out what he had to say and “The six most intriguing movies previewed at Comic-Con” in Jen Chaney’s post here at The WashingtonPost.com

The Complete Guide to Batman’s Gadgets

Inspired by yesterday’s poll question, I did some research to see what other crazy/awesome/crazy-awesome gadgets The Dark Knight has been known to use. As luck would have it I stumbled upon this cheeky post about a fan whose website is dedicated to EVERY SINGLE GADGET ANY BATMAN HAS EVER USED. (Although, I hate to point out that the Nolan films are strangely left out.)

Read all about it here.

And check out the Guide here.

BeInAMovie.com at the Golden Globes

BeInAMovie.com not only provides people with a chance to be in movies, we also do events. The Golden Globes is just such an example.

See for yourself what it was like to be at The Globes here.

What’s Your Favorite Bat-Gadget/Vehicle?

Jack Nicholson’s Joker may have hit the nail on the head with his line “Where does he get all those wonderful toys?” in Tim Burton’s take on The Dark Knight. But that doesn’t mean us viewers haven’t always been obsessed with The Dark Knight’s gadgets. Not to mention his many vehicles.

So today’s poll question is “What’s your favorite Bat-Gadget/Vehicle?”

Vote in our poll here (and while you’re at our fb page, why not “like us”?)

Pt. 2 of Why ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie and ‘Arkham Asylum’ the Game Worked

Read Part 2 of Sam Willis’ blog over on Bettor.com here.

Who is the Mystery Figure in ‘TDKR’ Teaser Trailer?

This is the question on many rabid fans’ minds. Check out the DigitalSpy.com blog post about it and leave your opinion here.

Why ‘The Dark Knight’ Movie and ‘Arkham Asylum’ the Game Worked.

Sam Willis over at Bettor.com has a thought provoking 2-part post about why the newest incarnations of the Dark Knight (Nolan’s movies and Rocksteady’s game) have been so successful where others have failed.

Read Part 1 of his post here.